Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello! I know I haven't posted in a while. There are a lot of things that have gone on. Let's start with yesterday. As we all know, yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Yeah! Go Green. Let's go back a couple of days to this weekend. You know what happened this weekend? Oh, you don't? Well, I will tell you. I had a cheerleading competition. YEAH! One of my teams, Youth Gold, got 1st place! YEAH!! I was very surprised. I was even more surprised when my Mini Gold team got 3rd place out of 3 teams. Wow, that is a shocker. I don't think you know this, but my Mini's team was undefeated until that competition.

Today, I got this email from my Grandparents who are in Peru.

A few days ago, while in the sacred valley, we went to dinner in a local family´s home. They had one long table where the 16 of us plus the 5 family members gathered to eat. I sat by an 8-yr. old twin girl who was so cute. None of the family spoke English so we did a lot of nodding, etc. The 8-yr. old got up during the meal and put a barret in my hair, then later on she got up and styled my hair again with the barret in the back. One of the dishes served was guinea pig (I couldn´t help but think of Comet). I managed to eat a few bites, but the little girl devoured the head. It was an interesting evening.
Also, on that day we took the float trip. We were on three rafts - supposedly a beginner, medium, and more adventuresome one. In actuality all three floated down the same river and did exactly the same thing. My "medium" raft loaded first and we were all seated backwards - I´m sure the guide wanted to back out at that point. Beautiful scenery all along the way.
Our two days in Machu Picchu were wonderful. It definitely was the pinnacle of our trip - what scenery and history.
Yesterday we rode the train and then bus back to Cusco where we will be for two more nights. Another full day of sightseeing today. We´ve seen llamas almost every day.

EWWWW...the 8 year old ate a guinea pig head. I miss you Grams and Papa! (those are my grandparents).


(I hope I will be posting more often)